eliot dean baker
eliot dean baker sweet nothings


For Eliot Dean Baker, music goes far beyond instruments and lyrics. In his hometown of Woodbridge, VA, he and his family were well-known for their love and passion for Gospel music. From a young age, Eliot’s talent was nurtured as he began playing the drums at just 6 years old. His passion has become larger than life and he is currently a skilled artist in multiple genres, particularly alternative/pop/rock. He is resourceful for the purpose of his own music, doing much of his own songwriting and producing. Multi-talented in singing, songwriting, and playing the guitar, piano, and drums, Eliot considers his biggest influences to be Jimi Hendrix, Prince, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Sting, Frank Ocean, and Michael Jackson. Music comes naturally for him, but he considers his strongest motivation to be the fact that music can touch lives in so many ways. He feels as if it connects everyone together and makes people feel as if they can relate to others. Specifically, he believes music can comfort anyone feeling as if they are bearing life and its tribulations alone. 


“I’m not saying [Damien] Rice and [David] Gray should set an extra place at the table just yet, but they might want to make sure that there is coffee brewing in case a guest drops by.”